Heparin protocol practice
Your patient presents to the ED with shortness of breath and is diagnosed with pulmonary embolus.
The physician wants you to begin a heparin bolus and drip for anticoagulation.
You will need a copy of
the heparin protocol to complete these questions.
Your patient weighs 180lbs.
The time is 0800.
You will use option A:
Weight based treatment of DVE or PE
IV bolus of 80 units/kg, not to exceed 9000 units
IV infusion of 16 units/kg/hr, not to exceed 1700 units/hr
What is the initial bolus?
At what rate will you set the pump to administer the initial infusion?
After 6 hours, you have a PTT drawn.
The result is 46.
What are your next actions?

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