Docetaxel - Number of sessions in SOC

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Docetaxel - Why the difference in SOC between UK and Canada? Apparently the SOC in UK is 10 sessions. It's 6 sessions in Canada (and US, I think). Anyone know why the difference and any trials that show which is most beneficial? Thanks.

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The clinical trial in the UK (STAMPEDE) for docetaxel used it for 6 infusions, as did CHAARTED in the US. 6 infusions is also the SOC in Canada and Europe. Why do you think it's 10? Doctors sometimes increase it to 10 if the patient is responding well and is tolerating the side effects well. That is always up to the doctor and patient.

Thanks for the quick reply. Someone from the UK mentioned that the SOC in UK was 10, obviously wrong.

I also had UK folks tell me 10. For me at 6 PN wasn't noticeable, but after 9, which I has, it is permanent.

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As far as I know, here's what has been proven: 6 cycles is beneficial over no cyclces. More than 10 cycles is not any better than 10 cycles. I don't think 6 cycles has been compared to anything over 6 cycles.

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