Cabazitaxel and chemo side effects

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Hello Everyone,

Hope everything is going as well as it can be. I have some Qs for people first handily experiencing or going through chemo. Grandad is currently on second line chemo for castrate resistant prostate cancer. He is currently lacking a lot of energy, feeling very tired and getting bad muscle spasms and cramps. Has anyone else experienced these symptoms or have any solutions or anything that all that may help increase energy levels or reduce cramps/spasms. I mean you get stuff off the internet, but anything that has worked extremely well for you?

Thanks :)

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I take Acetyl Carnitine and a fat burner(green tea and caffeine) for energy and Potassium for the cramps. Be sure to check with doctor first

Thank you ill have a look for some of this stuff at the pharmacy. And cool ill get him to mention the potassium to his doctor. Thank you for your response

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Hi Nicholas, I’m currently undergoing chemo, Docetaxel and Carboplatin. My Doc said that the lack of energy and tiredness are normal unless it’s so bad you can’t perform self care routines. Your Grandad’s muscle spasms and cramps may have to do with dehydration? Does he get IV hydration? The hydration helped me.

potentially, and no he hasnt had any IV hydration as of yet. If it is on going ill get him to mention it to his Dr. Ill tell him for now to increase water intake make get some supplements as well to replace electrolytes. Thanks for your response :)

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