Saudi Gazette Report

RIYADH — Saudi Arabia' Ministry of Health has launched the "COVID-19 Long-term symptoms" clinic which specializes in post-infection symptoms of coronavirus.

The clinic targets patients who continue to have symptoms with Covid-19 a month after confirming their infection, as it is working on preparing appropriate treatment plans for patients in the main hospitals in all regions around Saudi Arabia.

The Ministry has clarified that some people may suffer from symptoms of coronavirus even after their recovery period, as it lasts for a few weeks or more, and is called COVID-19 Long-term symptoms.

COVID-19 Long-term symptoms has signs and symptoms that vary from person to person, but all cases will get better over time, and most notable are:

1 - The continuation of the COVID-19 Symptoms for more than 4 weeks after getting infected.

2 - New symptoms appear 4 weeks after getting infected with coronavirus.

3 - coughing.

4 - Difficulty and shortness of breathing

5 - tiredness.

6 - Pain in the joints and muscles,

7 - sleeping issues.

8 - losing the smell and taste sense.

9 - Bad mood.

10 - lack of focusing and cognitive weakness

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