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Here are some of HealthDay's top stories for Tuesday, Aug. 17:

Despite its proven effectiveness, too few hospitalized COVID patients get dexamethasone. Studies have shown that the steroid dexamethasone can help the sickest COVID-19 patients survive. So why are so many of these patients not getting it? Read more

Lyme disease can take heavy toll on mental health. Besides the physical ills that beset people afflicted with Lyme disease, a new study finds the risk for mental health issues also rises among patients, including a doubling in the risk for suicide. Read more

Americans will be advised to get COVID booster shots. With the Delta variant raging and 100 million vaccine doses stockpiled, the Biden administration is expected to announce that vaccinated Americans should get a booster shot within eight months of full vaccination. Health care workers and nursing home residents may get the boosters as early as September. Read more

As COVID restrictions ease, RSV respiratory infections rise again among babies. Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is a ubiquitous and potentially dangerous respiratory infection that can trigger pneumonia in infants. Held in check as the pandemic encouraged masks and social distancing, it's now making a comeback, experts warn. Read more

Babies, toddlers more apt to spread COVID at home than teens. They're less likely to become infected with SARS-CoV-2 than older kids, but once a baby or toddler is infected they're more likely to spread it to other family members than are older children, new research shows. Read more

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