"But, if the patient has a secondary bacterial infection due to COVID-19, then antibiotics are given in such a situation. Whenever there is a viral disease, the immunity of the people gets weakened due to which many times secondary bacterial infection occurs, then antibiotics are given to the patient” adds Dr Vikas Maurya, Director and HOD Pulmonologist, Fortis Hospital , Shalimar Bagh, Delhi.

When asked Dr Vikas Maurya about the side effects, he said, “All the medicines we use, be it antibiotics or antivirals, all have some side effects. When it comes to antibiotics, minor side effects such as stomach problems often occur, which in most cases remain under control.

Sometimes, overuse of antibiotics leads to the formation of resistant bacteria in the patient, due to which antibiotics have to be used to fight the disease. Therefore, use antibiotics only where necessary, says Dr Vikas Maurya.

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