Mid-2021, researchers at UAMS published a paper called "SARS-CoV-2 proteins and anti-COVID-19 drugs induce lytic reactivation of an oncogenic virus," in which they studied the effects 6 treament options. However, the REGEN-COV monoclonal antibody treatment was not among the treatment options studied. Is there a follow-up study addressing REGEN-COV's effects on HHV-8?

HHV-8 plays a role in several diseases (some acting as diagnostic criteria for different syndromes). I am curious to see how/if the monoclonal antibody treatment may ultimately lead to a rise in these other diseases &/or syndromes.

ETA: I'm not looking to study this topic myself, but with long-covid becoming more well-known, I wonder if we'll find HHV-8 to be a contributing factor in long-haul patients and whether MAB treatments will be found to exacerbate or elicit symptoms (as MAB has been known to do with other diseases).

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