U.S. states reported almost 2.5 million newly administered coronavirus vaccine doses on Friday, the largest increase since vaccines were first greenlit in December, signaling a rapid ramp-up for an immunization program federal officials say will get even faster in the next month.

Key Facts

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s count for total vaccine doses administered grew by 2.44 million on Friday, the largest day-to-day jump in the CDC’s figures, outpacing Sunday’s total by just over 5,000 doses.

Lag times vary between when a shot is put into a patient’s arm and when it’s reported to the CDC, so Friday’s 2.44 million doses weren’t all administered on the same day.

The CDC has reported over 2 million immunizations per day in the last week, more than double the rate for late January and triple the rate at the beginning of the year.

Big Number

85 million. That’s how many total Pfizer and Moderna vaccine doses have been administered, according to CDC figures. Almost 22% of U.S. adults have received at least one dose so far, and 11.2% have been fully vaccinated with two shots.

Key Background

When Pfizer and Moderna’s vaccines were first authorized, immunizations started off slowly, as state health officials worked to get the vaccine to high-priority groups like healthcare workers and nursing home residents. But in recent weeks, distribution has sped up dramatically, and it’s not uncommon for the country to administer 2 million shots in a single day. Manufacturing has gradually sped up, states have expanded their capacity to administer shots, and demand has soared as states make more people eligible for the vaccines.

What To Watch For

Federal officials hope the vaccination pace will accelerate in the next few months, with President Joe Biden promising to have enough vaccines for every U.S. adult by May. Moderna and Pfizer have pledged to speed up manufacturing, and a one-shot vaccine by Johnson & Johnson was authorized last week, though the company’s manufacturing process has been slower than anticipated and isn’t expected to pick up until later this month.

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