COLUMBUS, Ohio - The Ohio Department of Health reported another 1,254 coronavirus cases on Monday, bringing the pandemic’s total to 979,725.

Deaths of Ohioans from COVID-19 remained at 17,502 -- the same number since Friday. The Department of Health is relying on the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to provide death counts now. And updates are only expected to come twice a week.

For cases, the state follows the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s definition of a “case,” which includes those diagnosed through genetic PCR or antigen tests, or people diagnosed in a clinical setting -- experiencing symptoms who are linked to a confirmed COVID-19 case, among other criteria.

Other information from Monday:

-830 people were hospitalized with COVID-19, an increase of seven since Sunday. “You can see these numbers continue to go down,” Gov. Mike DeWine said on Monday afternoon. I’m very, very happy to see that and that’s a great, great thing.”

-25,596 more molecular and PCR coronavirus tests were reported to have been performed since Sunday, bringing the total tests to 10.28 million.

-3.4% of molecular and PCR tests came back positive on Saturday, the most recent day with a positivity rate; the seven-day rolling average since Saturday was 3% positivity.

-Between 6 a.m. Sunday and 6 a.m. Monday, 25,178 more people received second vaccine doses. A total of 1,134,801 have received reported a completed vaccine This represents 9.71% of the state’s population. This number includes Johnson & Johnson vaccines.

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