(KNSI) – The state reports 1,191 new COVID-19 cases on Monday. This includes 131 new cases found in the five-county St. Cloud area: 15 in Benton County, three in Morrison County, 38 in Sherburne County, 39 in Stearns County and 36 in Wright County.

The Minnesota Department of Health confirms no new deaths due to COVID on Monday, but there are 481 Minnesotans currently in the hospital due to COVID.

As for vaccinations, 2,660,945 people have received one shot so far. They make up 47.8 percent of Minnesota’s total population. The state has now crossed the threshold of having more than 60 percent of residents 16 and older vaccinated with at least one dose of the vaccine. Just shy of half of Minnesota’s adults are now fully vaccinated.

The vaccination rate has continued to grow locally. 52 percent of eligible residents in Stearns and Wright have gotten vaccinated, as have 44 percent of adults in Morrison, 39 percent in Sherburne and 36 percent in Benton.


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