We understand the tremendous anxiety in the community regarding COVID-19 vaccine shortages and the difficulty in making a vaccination appointment.

To help address this problem, University Health has opened our vaccination schedule to create more opportunities for those eligible to receive the vaccine to schedule COVID-19 vaccination appointments.

Our intention is to schedule appointments several weeks in advance, rather than one week at a time, even though the State of Texas is currently only confirming the amount of COVID-19 vaccine we will receive on a weekly basis.

Scheduling several weeks in advance gives you the assurance that you have a scheduled appointment subject only to the vaccine shipment.

Because your appointment depends on us receiving COVID-19 vaccine from the State, University Health will confirm receipt of the vaccine the week before your scheduled appointment. You can verify receipt of vaccine each Friday on this website.

Once you see the appointments for your week are confirmed, you can be assured your appointment is now firm and secure. If University Health does not receive vaccine for the week of your appointment, you will be rescheduled for another week.

We believe this two-step process will help us continue to efficiently vaccinate as many eligible people as possible while reducing the stress caused by the high COVID-19 vaccination demand.


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