MEDFORD, Ore– According to the Oregon Health Authority, Jackson County experienced almost 200 new coronavirus cases last week. This report means the county must experience fewer than 240 cases this week to remain in the State’s “High Risk” coronavirus risk category and avoid returning to the “Extreme Risk” level. 

Last week Jackson County went into a “Two-Week Extension” from the State, allowing the County to remain in the “High Risk” category for another two weeks. However, if it reports more than 442 cases in the current two-week period, the County will move back into “Extreme Risk.”

That move would cause Jackson County to lose its ability to have indoor dining and entertainment centers open to the public in a limited capacity. Gyms also would have to reduce the amount of people in their facilities.

According to Jackson County Public Health, most of the County’s cases have come from people between the ages of 20-29, with more than 1,700 cases.

Today Jackson County Public Health reported another 21 new cases of Covid-19, with no new deaths reported.


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