Hawaii Department of Health officials today reported 80 new confirmed and probable coronavirus infections statewide, bringing the state’s total since the start of the pandemic to 35,665 cases.

State health officials began counting probable infections Wednesday, bumping up the statewide total coronavirus case count since the start of the pandemic. The probable infections include people who never received a confirmatory test but are believed to have had the virus because of their known exposure and symptoms or because of a positive antigen test.

No new coronavirus-related fatalities were reported today so the statewide death toll remains at 492.

State health officials reported 59 new confirmed and 21 probable cases today. By island, Oahu had 61 new cases, Hawaii island had two, Maui had seven, Molokai had nine, Kauai and Lanai both had none, and there was one Hawaii resident diagnosed outside the state.

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The state’s official coronavirus-related death toll includes 380 fatalities on Oahu, 54 on Maui, 53 on Hawaii island, two on Kauai, and three Hawaii residents who died outside the state.

The U.S. coronavirus-related death toll today is more than 588,000 and the nationwide infection tally is about 33 million.

The total number of confirmed and probable coronavirus cases by island since the start of the outbreak are 26,755 on Oahu, 4,382 on Maui, 2,836 in Hawaii County, 313 on Kauai, 115 on Lanai and 73 on Molokai. There are also 1,191 Hawaii residents who were diagnosed outside of the state.

Today’s probable infections since the start of the pandemic added to the counts today include 797 on Maui, 725 on Oahu, 63 on Hawaii island, 24 on Molokai, three each on Kauai and Lanai, and 44 residents diagnosed outside the state.

The statistics released today reflect the new infection cases reported to the department on Tuesday.

Health officials also said today that of the state’s total infection count, 1,106 cases were considered to be active. Officials say they consider infections reported in the past 14 days to be a “proxy number for active cases.” The number of active cases in the state decreased by 52 today.

By island, Oahu has 863 active cases, Maui has 138, the Big Island has 57, Kauai has 24, Molokai has 23 and Lanai has one.

Health officials counted 4,946 new COVID-19 test results in today’s tally, for a 1.62% statewide positivity rate. The state’s 7-day average positivity rate is 1.5%, according to the Hawaii COVID-19 Data dashboard.

The latest Hawaii COVID-19 vaccine summary said that 1,426,107 vaccine doses have been administered through state and federal distribution programs as of Wednesday.

Of all the confirmed Hawaii infection cases, 2,279 have required hospitalizations, with 10 new hospitalizations reported today.

Ten hospitalizations in the statewide count are Hawaii residents who were diagnosed and treated outside the state. Of the 2,269 hospitalizations within the state, 1,890 have been on Oahu, 241 on Maui, 123 on the Big Island, nine on Kauai, five on Lanai and one on Molokai.

According to the latest information from the department’s Hawaii COVID-19 Data dashboard, a total of 47 patients with the virus were in Hawaii hospitals as of Wednesday, with eight in intensive care units and five on ventilators.

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