Though our pandemic project officially ended Saturday, we found one more letter from a reader on the pandemic’s impact that we were inspired to run. It’s uplifting and hopeful and a great start to the week. It’s also been edited for clarity. — Editor

A return to music

Thursday morning I was able to play one of my guitars and ukuleles for my granddaughter’s pre-K class in San Diego via zoom. I build guitars and ukuleles but I rarely am able to play for a group; in fact the joke in our family now is, “Papa had a gig.”

I played the Bill Staines tune “A Place In The Choir,” and of course, “Wheels On the Bus.”

My granddaughter was in the front row smiling and clapping which made me smile and have a super time with the music. I was kidding with the students that now they could become a choir, too.

I was also able to show the kids my shop and show them the inside of a guitar. They asked questions like, “Do you have a drill?” or “How big is an ukulele?” or “Do you make swords too?” Their teacher had been showing these 3 year olds different musical instruments so they were really keyed into the music.

This was a first for me and of course I got to say hi and wave and send kisses to beautiful Maddie!

James Stevens, Dixon

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