The number of people infected with COVID-19 in Park County rose again over the last week.

According to data compiled by the Wyoming Department of Health, there were 32 active cases of COVID-19 in the county — including 22 in Cody and eight in Powell — as of Wednesday. That was up from 19 cases the previous week.

Three people were hospitalized with COVID-19 within the county on Wednesday: Two at Powell Valley Healthcare and one at Cody Regional Health. That was down from a recent peak of six patients on May 11, but above the levels seen in March, April and early May.

Park County Health Officer Dr. Aaron Billin also said three COVID-19 infections involving the so-called UK variant were identified in the county on Tuesday. Until then, only one case of the variant — which is believed to spread more easily and quickly than the original version of the novel coronavirus — had been detected locally.

Public health officials continue to encourage citizens to get vaccinated. Last week, after the CDC relaxed its guidance for fully vaccinated people, Billin noted the growing body of scientific evidence on illustrating the effectiveness of the immunizations.

“The development and delivery of safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines in under a year is one of the major accomplishments of modern medicine (thanks to Operation Warp Speed),” he said, referencing the Trump administration program. “Vaccination is emerging as the medical, epidemiological, sociological, psychological, and economic solution to the COVID-19 pandemic and the problems it has created. This is a major milestone in our response to the pandemic.”

As of Monday, about 38.4% of Park County’s adult population had been fully vaccinated, slightly above the state average of 36%. Park County Public Health officials had reportedly administered doses to nearly 10,700 people as of Monday, with 724 of them awaiting a second dose of the Pfizer vaccine.

State data indicates that public health workers vaccinated about 100 additional people in the county over the past week — far below the pace set earlier this year, when hundreds of residents were being vaccinated in a single day. Because of reduced demand, public health has moved from mass clinics to individual appointments. Local pharmacies and medical providers are also offering the free shots, which are not included in the county-level figures provided by the state.

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