The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has expanded the emergency use authorization (EUA) for the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine to include individuals as young as 12 years old. 

Previously, the Pfizer vaccine was only available to patients age 16 and older.

The FDA and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have extensively reviewed the available research and determined that the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine is safe and effective at preventing serious illness caused by the coronavirus in individuals as young as age 12.

We will update this page with the newest information as soon as it becomes available. See below for more details, including information about when the vacine may be available for your child.

What happens next?

The CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) will meet to determine interim recommendations for use of the Pfizer vaccine for patients age 12-15.

Once their recommendations are released, the Michigan Medicine Safety & Efficacy Taskforce will meet to finalize our own vaccine distribution strategy in light of the specific recommendations made by the CDC.

When will my child be able to get the vaccine?

We expect to offer vaccine appointments as soon as May 14 to patients age 12-15 who have Michigan Medicine medical record numbers (MRN). If your child does not have an MRN and you wish to establish one, call our patient registration line at 734-936-4990.

Appointment scheduling will be available online through our MyUofMHealth patient portal or by calling our COVID vaccine scheduling center.

Do I need proxy access for my child’s health records in order to schedule an appointment?

If your child is over the age of 11, a parent or caregiver needs to obtain proxy access for their child’s health records in order to schedule their vaccination via the MyUofMHealth patient portal. Request proxy access to a minor patient here.  

Parents or caregivers of children over the age of 11 who do not have proxy access to their child’s health records can still call the COVID vaccine scheduling center to make an appointment.

Where can I find more information about vaccines for older children and adults?

Vaccines are still available for individuals age 16 and older at Michigan Medicine and through retail pharmacies, local health departments and many hospitals and health centers. Visit our COVID-19 Vaccine Information and Update page on for vaccine information for those 16 and older.

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