To respond to, and provide support for, the novel coronavirus, a disease known as COVID-19, the state and federal government has provided resources to support state and local government, respond to the public health crisis, encourage recovery, and support vulnerable Californians. This site provides information related to funding to address COVID-19 and support the state’s recovery. Please visit this website frequently as information is regularly updated.

Direct Disaster Response – Allocations and Notifications

The state has used funds available pursuant to Government Code section 8690.6 and Control Section 36.00, Chapter 2, Statutes of 2020 to support the state and local emergency response to COVID-19. Allocation summaries and letters, including notification letters to the Joint Legislative Budget Committee, by date for COVID-19 can be accessed here.

Coronavirus Relief Fund Quarterly Report

States are required to submit expenditure reports to the U.S. Treasury detailing expenditures of federal Coronavirus Relief Funds in 17 categories associated with COVID-19 response and mitigation. The third reporting cycle covers expenditures incurred from March 1 through December 30. Information will be reported to the Pandemic Response Accountability Committee quarterly beginning on September 30th. Information by receiving entity – such as a county, city, or local education agency – can be accessed here.

Coronavirus Relief Fund Reporting Portal (
For use by counties, cities, and colleges)

The state has created a web portal to support reporting by counties, cities, and colleges that received state-directed Coronavirus Relief Fund (CARES Act) allocations and appropriations. Access to the portal, user guide, frequently asked questions, and information regarding due dates and federal requirements may be found here.

Coronavirus Relief Fund Allocations for Cities and Counties

Based on the state’s population, California received a total of $15.3 billion Coronavirus Relief Funds (CRF) provided in the federal CARES Act, with $9.5 billion paid to the state and $5.8 billion paid to cities and counties with populations over 500,000. The Budget authorizes the Department of Finance to allocate $1.8 billion of the state’s share of CRF to counties and cities. Additional details are available on this page.

COVID-19 Federal Stimulus

The federal government has provided temporary federal funding to support the state’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This funding was made available through four federal bills. Additional information regarding the funding the state has received or expects to receive can be found on this page. This page will be updated frequently as additional information, including state awards and expenditures, becomes available.

COVID-19 Federal Tracking Portal (For use by state departments)

The COVID Federal Tracking web portal has been created for state departments to track their federal stimulus awards, expenditures, and obligations. Departments can access the portal, user guide, and frequently asked questions found here.

County General Fund COVID-19 Allocations

The Budget includes $750 million to provide support for counties experiencing revenue losses for realigned programs as a result of COVID-19. The link above provides the allocation for each county of the initial funding included in the Budget Act and the required certification to access these funds. Additional details and the required county certification are available on this page.

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