School Board Resolution Regarding Mask Wearing in CPSD

         Conway Public Schools will use a "stoplight system" alerting teachers, students, and parents to our community transmission status and what actiona we are taking regarding masking.

  • RED means the CDC has the region of Arkansas at a Substantial or High Risk of community transmission. Masks are required during the school day in indoor spaces and on all school buses. Masks are optional at extracurricular events and outside sporting activities.
  • YELLOW means the CDC lists this region of Arkansas at Moderate Risk. Masks are strongly encouraged during the school day, on school buses, and at extracurricular events.
  • GREEN means the CDC lists the region of Arkansas as Low Risk. Masks are optional for individuals who choose to wear them. Our schools will follow normal business and operational patterns.

The school district will publish the status on our website each week. If the information is not available, the previous week's status will stand.

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