The global tally for the coronavirus-borne illness rose above 158 million on Monday, according to data aggregated by Johns Hopkins University, while the death toll rose above 3.29 million. The U.S. continues to lead the world in cases and deaths by wide margins, with 32.7 million cases and 581,755 deaths, or about a fifth of the worldwide tallies.
India is second to the U.S. by cases at 22.7 million and third by fatalities at 246,116. India added 360,000 new cases Monday, according to its health ministry and more than 3,700 deaths. Those numbers are widely held to be greatly undercounted given the stress on its healthcare system, which is struggling to cope with a massive second wave of infections. Western countries have sent aid to help the nation of almost 1.4 billion's hospitals, which are short on oxygen and other lifesaving equipment and medicines.
Brazil is third with 15 million cases and second by fatalities at 422,340. Mexico has the fourth-highest death toll at 218,985 and 2.4 million cases, or 15th highest tally. The U.K. has 4.5 million cases and 127,865 deaths, the fifth-highest in the world and highest in Europe.

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