CLEVELAND, Ohio -- The city confirmed 76 new cases of COVID-19 coronavirus and no deaths on Wednesday, Mayor Frank Jackson’s administration announced.

The newly confirmed cases involve patients ranging in age from under 10 years old to their 90s.

As of Wednesday, 26,547 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in the city since March 2020, according data posted Wednesday evening.

The infected patients have ranged in age from less than 1 year old to more than 100 years old. The average age is 42 years old.

In addition, another 2,049 probable cases have been identified by the Cleveland Department of Public Health.

As of Wednesday, Cleveland has recorded a total of 28,596 cases of coronavirus since March 2020.

Six percent of those cases required hospitalization.

Fifty-three percent of those infected were women. About 40% of all those infected were African American. About 28% of the patients were white. Other races account for 12% of the patients. Race is unknown in 18% of cases.

The Cleveland Department of Public Health reports that 6,783 patients have been released from isolation, 70 more than on Wednesday.

The deaths of 433 Clevelanders have been attributed to the coronavirus. The average age of those who died is 74 years old.

Across Ohio, another 1,989 coronavirus cases were tracked in Ohio on Wednesday -- well above the 21-day average of 1,623 - bringing the total cases in the pandemic to 1,017,566, the Ohio Department of Health said.

Deaths of Ohio residents with COVID-19 remain at 18,609.

The Cuyahoga County Board of Health reported 72,818 cases of coronavirus had been tallied as of Wednesday, an increase of 213 from Tuesday. The department reported a total of 1,703 deaths in its jurisdiction, two more than on Tuesday. The numbers exclude cases from the city of Cleveland.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s tally on Wednesday reported 30,213,759 cases, up 62,726 from Tuesday. The CDC recorded 548,162 deaths in the United States, an increase of 807 from Tuesday.

Those numbers tend to lag other reporting sites.

Johns Hopkins University of Medicine reported that as of Wednesday evening its tally showed 30,437,755 people had become infected with the coronavirus, 52,057 more than on Tuesday. Its tally showed 551,747 deaths in the United States, an increase of 840 from Tuesday.

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