The Alexandria Health Department and Visit Alexandria have launched the “ALX Promise Gold” program to keep employees and patrons safe and help organizations recover from the effects of the pandemic. ALX Promise Gold is a safety and training program on measures that organizations can take to reduce the risks of COVID-19, even as masking and distancing restrictions loosen. 

Participating businesses demonstrate their commitment to a gold standard of safety, so that residents and visitors can shop, dine, play and work with peace of mind. ALX Promise Gold members take a pledge to:

●       Thoroughly clean and sanitize their establishment;

●       Ensure their staff are trained on COVID-19 precautions, state guidelines, and safety measures;

●       Keep current on health guidance as Alexandria moves forward;

●       Offer employees paid time off to get tested if they feel sick, and to be vaccinated against COVID-19; and,

●       Work with the Alexandria Health Department to stop the spread of COVID-19 and ensure any exposed staff or customers are notified.

Businesses, nonprofit organizations, and houses of worship that successfully complete the program will be awarded the ALX Promise Gold shield to display on their windows and websites, to show customers that they are committed to creating a safe and welcoming environment using the highest safety standards. Stay tuned for a roster of participating businesses on Visit Alexandria’s website.

Visit the ALX Promise webpage for more information, or to register an organization.



Jun. 06, 2021

8:53 p.m.

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