The age groups that are the least vaccinated experiencing the greatest percentage of new cases of COVID-19 in Alexandria this summer, according to data released by city officials.

Specifically, in June and July, most new cases of COVID-19 were in the age groups that were least vaccinated.

About 56.5 percent of those ages 25 to 34 were vaccinated, and they accounted for 28.8 percent of COVID-19 cases in July. Put another way: The age group representing one-fifth of Alexandria's population has more than one-fourth of the COVID-19 cases in Alexandria that month — and that age group is lowest for vaccine uptake.

The 35 – 44 age group, with a 70.4 percent vaccination rate (the second lowest rate among those ages 12 to 85), accounted for 20.1 percent of COVID-19 cases in July. This age group makes up 18.5 percent of Alexandria’s population.

As of this weekend:

  • 99,374 Alexandrians have at least 1 dose (69.8% of 12+ pop.)
  • 85,717 fully vaccinated (60.2% of 12+ pop.)

These numbers do not include “federal” doses that were given to some residents and are not counted in local figures.

Still, Alexandria is strongly encouraging those who are unvaccinated to get a shot, including by deploying health officials to local gatherings, farmers' markets and other outreach. Free vaccine clinics, including walk-in venues, are still available. (Click here to find out where to get a vaccine.)

The vaccinations available, even with “breakthrough” cases, make it much less likely that a person will catch COVID-19. Those who do catch the illness despite vaccination are significantly less likely to be hospitalized due to complications from it. In Virginia, more than 99 percent of people now hospitalized with COVID-19 are not fully vaccinated. 

Alexandria (along with Arlington and Fairfax County) remain in an area of “substantial spread” for COVID-19. Schools and all municipal buildings require visitors to wear masks, regardless of vaccination status. Some businesses are also requiring this or at least strongly recommending it to help curb the spread.

Across the commonwealth, Virginia is seeing an average of 1,880 cases per day — the same number of cases the state was seeing back in late February.

In the City of Alexandria, about 21 cases per day are being diagnosed, similar to the rate back last seen in the middle of April.

Fairfax County, also an area of “significant spread” now has an average of 135 new cases per day, also similar mid-April’s rate.

Some rural counties are seeing even more spread of COVID-19, including Buckingham County in the middle of the state, Richmond County along the Rappahannock River, and Greensville County near the North Carolina border.


Aug. 15, 2021

8:05 p.m.

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