Has anybody used Trelegy Ellipta and if so what do you think? I’ve been on it for a year now with good results, but my sister says her specialist doesn’t like it. It can cause problems?!

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The problem with these triple inhalers may be you can't increase the doseage for a flare up as they contain a LAMA aswell as the steroid and long acting bronchodilator. I've ditched my LAMA inhaler as the first one (Spiriva) gave me high blood pressure after a few months and the second (Eklira Genuair) gave me glaucoma after a couple of years. So your consultant maybe thinking about the limitations of the inhaler if you hit a rough patch and need to up your inhaled steroids or he/she maybe thinking about the side effects of the LAMA medication. Not everyone experiences side effects, I've just been unlucky.

One thing they did was say that if I need a rescue puffer I should use Ventolin. And that has worked fine for many months now. But of course every winter is a chance for things to change. So if that happens I will go back and see the dr.

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Hi Norsca

I have been on Trelegy for several years with no side effects

And it has been very helpful

I would say it has transformed my care

Of course I still have COPD/Asthma but the asthma is far better regulated

Also use ventolin as needed and Carbocisteine and Montelukast

So a big supporter of trekegy

Good luck

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