I know this is really nothing compared to hard drugs, so please don’t presume I’m comparing that struggle. I’m not suggesting it’s the same. But I have been using these meds to sleep for about a month and a half. I truly didn’t realize how bad I’d feel quitting . Once I began feeling like garbage all the time I wanted to stop.

But for the last two days I’m floored and exhausted. My brain fog is high. I have migraines. I feel like I’m being tortured .

If anyone has experience with this:.... how long does this pain last....?

I didn’t realize I was making this big of a mistake and I’m scared with how i barley can get off the bed anymore

I know my adhd makes me have addiction tendencies. I never realized how much tho.

First it started out just a few hard days needing sleep.... and then the excuses kept rolling . I had no idea...

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