diphenhydramine works very well for allergies, and it is great for falling asleep, but when I take it my sleep isn't the best. what are some effective sleep meds that I can ask my doctor? I just need something to help me get to sleep at times, not stay asleep.

do you think I could get Zolpidem(ambian)? not every day, just sometimes I have a lot of trouble sleeping. maybe I could ask for only like 5 for those tough nights? other options include various benzos, Doxylamine, Chloral hydrate, Eszopiclone, Zaleplon. also I could go the natural route (melatonin, cannabis, passionflower, valerian root) I can't take anything ssri, tricyclic because I'm on effexor and it interacts.

anyone try sleeping meds in general? share your experiences.

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