I am setting up a barman server to backup a remote PostgreSQL server and am digging my way through a bunch of FAILED messages I get on barman check [pg]

Server pg:
        WAL archive: FAILED (please make sure WAL shipping is setup)
        replication slot: FAILED (slot 'barman' not initialised: is 'receive-wal' running?)
        receive-wal running: FAILED (See the Barman log file for more details)

I have the following values (which I believe to make sure 'WAL shipping' is enabled) on the PostgreSQL server's postgresql.conf

wal_level = replica
archive_mode = on
archive_timeout = 60
archive_command = 'test ! -f /opt/db/backup/postgres/archives/%f && cp %p [email protected]rn:/opt/barman/pg/incoming/%f'

what am I missing here to get this going?

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