Benadryl hallucinations are not fun, and if you're taking enough to hallucinate you're likely taking enough or near enough to cause Anticholinergic Toxidrome. Here is fun mnemonic about all the things you can experience while experiencing a toxidrome.

  • Blind as a Bat (mydriasis and inability to focus on near objects)

  • Red as a Beet (flushed skin color)

  • Hot as Hades (elevated temperature) - These patients can sometimes die of agitation-induced hyperthermia.

  • Dry as a Bone (dry mouth and dry skin)

  • Mad as a Hatter (hallucinations and delirium)

  • Bowel and bladder lose their tone (urinary retention and constipation)

  • Heart races on alone (tachycardia)

(source for the above)

Some really common benadryl hallucinations/delirium include spiders, giant and otherwise, other insects like roaches, wasps, etc, as well as itching / the sensation of bugs / crawling on the skin (formication), and people who aren't there. Benadryl hallucinations are oft described as completely real-feeling, indistinguishable from reality. Most of the hallucinations people report are very scary and dark.

I haven't taken enough to get there, but I have taken enough to get painful and uncomfortable RLS / staticky feeling in my limbs that I'm sure my mind could have confused as a constant bug attack if I had taken more.

TL;DR: Don't do it! There are much funner, safer hallucinogens. Can cause a lot of nasty stuff, including comas, heart attacks, psychosis, and more.

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