The crew departed Pisa, Italy, last 25 July to perform a transatlantic flight to Canada on behalf of the 'Commissariato Aeronautica', the ancient name of the Italian Air Force. The seaplane made stops in Saint-Raphaël, south of France, Lausanne (quai of Ouchy on Lake of Geneva), Strasbourg, Rotterdam, Hull, Stromness (Orkneys Islands), Feroe Islands and Reykjavik. While flying over the Sea of Labrador, some 180 km south of Cape Farewell, Greenland, the crew encountered engine problems and elected to make an emergency landing. The twin engine seaplane landed safely and the crew sent several mayday message. All five occupants were later rescued and evacuated by the crew of 'USS Richmond' which deviated from his route to the accident site. In a rough sea, the seaplane sank later and was lost and not recovered.


Lt Antonio Locatelli, pilot,

Lt Crosio,

Lt Marescalchi,

Mr. Braccini, flight engineer,

Mr. Falcinelli, flight engineer.

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