November 26, 2021

The Syrian star, Asala, confirmed that her defense of singer Saad Lamjarred in his famous case, in which he was accused of harassment, is a justification for harassment and rape, saying: “I respect the rights of women and women, and it is not true that my solidarity with Saad is just because I defended harassment, and I defended him because I felt that I was unfair.” On him, I know him on a personal level, and he is good and committed.”

The artist, Asala, indicated, during her dialogue on the “Ink Secret” program with the media, Asma Ibrahim, on Al-Qahirah Wal-Nas channel, that she had not been separated from her late brother for years, but the dispute between them was of a very simple duration, stressing that the difference between them was like the rest of the brothers and they differ and return, and that they She did not feel the torture of conscience for their disagreement.

And she continued, “I was sad for my brother, but I did not feel tortured by conscience, and I cleaned my conscience first, otherwise I would not be present in people’s hearts.

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