The table below contains the abbreviations and acronyms recognized by the RxNorm normalization with the fully expanded names.

Abbreviation Name
acet acetate
acetam acetaminophen
acetamin acetaminophen
acetaminop acetaminophen
acetaminoph acetaminophen
acetaminophn acetaminophen
acetamn acetaminophen
acetat acetate
acetylcarn acetylcarnitine
acriva acrivastine
acrivas acrivastine
ahf antihemophilic factor
alc alcohol
alk alkaloids
allant allantoin
alo aloe
aloh aluminum hydroxide
aminocet aminoacetate
amitrip amitriptyline
amitriptylin amitriptyline
ammon ammonium
amobarb amobarbital
amox amoxicillin
amp ampule
amphet amphetamine
amy amylase
apap acetaminophen
arachid arachidonic
asa aspirin
asp aspartate
atorvast atorvastatin
atrop atropine
azophen phenazopyridine
bacitra bacitracin
bacitrac bacitracin
bak benzalkonium
bcnu carmustine
beeswx beeswax
bell belladonna
bellad belladonna
benzalk benzalkonium
benzalkon benzalkonium
benzo benzocaine
benzoca benzocaine
benzocain benzocaine
betamet betamethasone
betameth betamethasone
betamethason betamethasone
bicarb bicarbonate
biot biotin
biphos biphosphate
bisac bisacodyl
bism bismuth
bismu bismuth
bit bitartrate
bitar bitartrate
bpm brompheniramine
bromphen brompheniramine
bromphenir brompheniramine
bromphenira brompheniramine
brompheniram brompheniramine
brempheniramin brompheniramine
bupiv bupivacaine
bupivac bupivacaine
butabarb butabarbital
butalb butalbital
butalbit butalbital
caff caffeine
cafn caffeine
caffein caffeine
cala calamine
camph camphor
cap capsule
cap24 capsule 24
capspr capsule sprinkles
carbet carbetapentane
carbeta carbetapentane
carbetap carbetapentane
carbetapen carbetapentane
carbetapent carbetapentane
carbetapentan carbetapentane
carbpntn carbetapentane
carbi carbidopa
carbinox carbinoxamine
carboxymethylcell carboxymethylcellulose
carboxymethylcellulos carboxymethylcellulose
ccnu lomustine
cetylpyrd cetylpyridinium
chew chewable
chl chloride
chlordiazepoxid chlordiazepoxide
chlophed chlophedianol
chlophedian chlophedianol
chlor chlorpheniramine
chlorhex chlorhexidine
chlorhyd chlorhydrate
chlorid chloride
chloroxy chloroxylenol
chloroxylnl chloroxylenol
chlorph chlorpheniramine
chlorphen chlorpheniramine
chlorphenir chlorpheniramine
chlorphenira chlorpheniramine
chlorphenirami chlorpheniramine
chlorpheniramin chlorpheniramine
chol choline
chondr chondroitin
chondro chondroitin
chondroit chondroitin
chrom chromium
cinox cinoxate
cl chloride
clarith clarithromycin
clarithro clarithromycin
clav clavulanate
clotrim clotrimazole
cmb9 combination no 9
cmplx complex
cod codeine
coll collagen
conc concentrate
cp chlorpheniramine
cpm chlorpheniramine
cpyrd cetylpyridinium
crm cream
cr controlled release
ctm chlorpheniramine
cuso4 copper sulfate
cyclobenz cyclobenzaprine
CYPROHEPTAD cyproheptadine
d25w dextrose 25% water
d38w dextrose 38% water
d5w dextrose 5% water
d50w dextrose 50% water
desog desogestrel
dexam dexamethasone
dexameth dexamethasone
dexbromphen dexbrompheniramine
dexbromphenirmn dexbrompheniramine
dexbrompheniramin dexbrompheniramine
dexchlor dexchlorpheniramine
dexchlorphe dexchlorpheniramine
dexchlorphen dexchlorpheniramine
dexchlorphenir dexchlorpheniramine
dexchlorpheniram dexchlorpheniramine
dextroamph dextroamphetamine
dextroamphet dextroamphetamine
dextrometho dextromethorphan
dextromethor dextromethorphan
dextromethorp dextromethorphan
dextromethorph dextromethorphan
dextromethorphn dextromethorphan
dextros dextrose
dhcodeine dihydrocodeine
dhcaac dehydrocholic acid
dhe dihydroergotamine
diatr diatrizoate
diphenhy diphenhydramine
diphenhyd diphenhydramine
diphenhydra diphenhydramine
diphenhydram diphenhydramine
diphenhydramin diphenhydramine
dichlphn dichloralphenazone
diprop dipropionate
disod disodium
disper dispersible
dm dextromethorphan
doss docusate
doxyl doxylamine
doxylam doxylamine
doxylamm doxylamine
dpha diphenhydramine
ec enteric coated
echin echinacea
eff effervescent
effer effervescent
effervsc effervescent
elix elixir
emlsn emulsion
emol emollient
emoll emollient
emtric emtricitabine
enx enoxaparin
ephed ephedrine
epineph epinephrine
er extended release
ery erythromycin
et ethinyl
eth ethinyl
ethaver ethaverine
ethin ethinyl
estra estradiol
estrad estradiol
eucalypt eucalyptus
ext extract
fa folic acid
famot famotidine
fluocin fluocinolone
fum fumarate
fumarat fumarate
gfn guaifenesin
gg guaifenesin
ging ginger
glucosa glucosamine
gly glycol
glyburid glyburide
gm gram
gr gram
gran granule
guaiaco guaiacolsulfonate
guaiacolsul guaiacolsulfonate
guaiacolsulf guaiacolsulfonate
guaif guaifenesin
guaifen guaifenesin
guaifenesn guaifenesin
guaifn guaifenesin
h hour
hb hydrobromide
hbr hydrobromide
hcod hydrocodone
hcl hydrochloride
hctz hydrochlorothiazide
hesp hesperidin
hesper hesperidin
homosal homosalate
hr hour
htp hydroxytryptophan
hyalur hyaluronic
hyaluro hyaluronate
hyaluron hyaluronate
hydrochlorothiazde hydrochlorothiazide
hydrochlorothiazid hydrochlorothiazide
hydromor hydromorphone
hydroxy hydroxypropl
hyo hyoscyamine
hyos hyoscyamine
hyoscy hyoscyamine
hyoscyamin hyoscyamine
inh inhalation
inj injection
inos inositol
inosi inositol
insuln insulin
intraven intravenous
intramusc intramuscular
iothalam iothalamate
iothalamat iothalamate
ipec ipecac
isosorb isosorbide
isomethept isometheptene
iv intravenous
kao kaolin
kcl potassium chloride
ketoconaz ketoconazole
lan lanolin
levod levodopa
levonorg levonorgestrel
levothyroxin levothyroxine
lico3 lithium carbonate
licor licorice
lido lidocaine
lidoc lidocaine
lidocai lidocaine
lidocain lidocaine
liq liquid
lot lotion
loz lozenge
mac macrocrystal
mag magnesium
magnes magnesium
mal maleate
mand mandelate
mang manganese
med medicated
medroxypro medroxyprogesterone
medroxyprog medroxyprogesterone
medroxyprogest medroxyprogesterone
meglu meglumine
menth menthol
meprobam meprobamate
mesyl mesylate
methen methenamine
methsco methscopolamine
methscop methscopolamine
methscopol methscopolamine
methscopolami methscopolamine
methscopolamn methscopolamine
methylsulfonylmeth methylsulfonylmethane
metoprol metoprolol
mgoh magnesium hydroxide
microgram MCG
milligram MG
milliliter ML
mo mineral oil
msm methylsulfonylmethane
mth methenamine
na sodium
nahco3 sodium bicarbonate
naphazo naphazoline
neb nebulization
neomy neomycin
nh4cl ammonium chloride
nit nitrate
nitrofur nitrofurantoin
nitrofuran nitrofurantoin
nitroglyc nitroglycerin
noreth norethindrone
norethind norethindrone
ns normal saline
ntg nitroglycerin
octinox octinoxate
odt orally disintegrating
oin ointment
oint ointment
ophth ophthalmic
osm osmotic
oxbn oxybenzone
oxyben oxybenzone
oxycodon oxycodone
paraf paraffin
pdo padimate o
pe phenylephrine
pel pellet
perox peroxide
petn pentaerythritol tetranitrate
phenacet phenacetin
phenazopy phenazopyridine
phenir pheniramine
pheniram pheniramine
pheniramin pheniramine
phenobarb phenobarbital
phenyleph phenylephrine
phenylprop phenylpropanolamine
phenylpropanol phenylpropanolamine
phenylpropanolam phenylpropanolamine
phenylpropanolamin phenylpropanolamine
phenyltolx phenyltoloxamine
phenyltolox phenyltoloxamine
phenyltoloxam phenyltoloxamine
phenyltoloxamin phenyltoloxamine
phos phosphate
pilocarp pilocarpine
pk pack
pnm pheniramine
po4 phosphate
polis polistirix
polistrx polistirex
polymy polymyxin b
polymyx polymyxin
polysacchar polysaccharides
pot potassium
potass potassium
potassi potassium
ppa phenylpropanolamine
ppd purify protein derivative
pram pramoxine
pramoxn pramoxine
prednis prednisolone
prometh promethazine
prop propylene
proparac proparacaine
propoxyp propoxyphene
propoxyphen propoxyphene
prote protease
ps polysaccharide
pse pseudoephedrine
pseudefed pseudoephedrine
pseudoeph pseudoephedrine
pseudoephd pseudoephedrine
pseudoephe pseudoephedrine
pseudoephed pseudoephedrine
pseudoephedrin pseudoephedrine
ptolox phenyltoloxamine
ptu propylthiouracil
purp purpurea
pwd powder
pwdr powder
pyr pyrilamine
pyrazinamid pyrazinamide
pyril pyrilamine
pyrila pyrilamine
pyrilam pyrilamine
pyrilami pyrilamine
pyrilamin pyrilamine
pyrilamn pyrilamine
pyrophos pyrophosphate
rapdis rapid dissolve
recomb recombinant
recon reconstituted
rect rectal
resor resorcinol
reserp reserpine
rifampn rifampin
rtl rectal
sa sustained action
sal salicylate
salicy salicylate
salicylam salicylamide
scop scopolamine
scopol scopolamine
scopolam scopolamine
secobarb secobarbital
seq sequential
shmp shampoo
simet simethicone
simeth simethicone
simth simethicone
smz sulfamethoxazole
so4 sulfate
sol soluble
soln solution
spironolact spironolactone
sprink sprinkle
sr sustained release
strych strychnine
subgal subgallate
subl sublingual
succ succinate
succin succinate
sulf sulfate
sulfacet sulfacetamide
sulfacetm sulfacetamide
sulfadi sulfadiazine
sulfamer sulfamerazine
sulfamerthaz sulfamerazine
sulfamethoxazo sulfamethoxazole
sulfamethoxazol sulfamethoxazole
supp suppository
suppos suppository
susp suspension
sust sustained
syr syringe
tab tablet
tan tannate
tann tannate
tanns tannates
tannts tannates
td24 transdermal 24 hours
td72 transdermal 72 hours
tdsw transdermal weekly
tenof tenofovir
tereph terephthalate
terephtha terephthalate
testost testosterone
tetrahydroz tetrahydrozoline
tetrahydrozol tetrahydrozoline
theop theophylline
theophyll theophylline
tio2 titanium dioxide
tmp trimethoprim
tobramyc tobramycin
top topical
trans transdermal
transderm transdermal
triamcin triamcinolone
triclo triclosan
trimeth trimethoprim
tripelen tripelennamine
triprol triprolidine
trisil trisilicate
trometh tromethamine
tspa thiotepa
tta tartaric acid
undecyl undecylate
unt unit
ure urea
vacc vaccine
vag vaginal
valsar valsartan
vcr vincristine
vit vitamin
vlb vinblastine
vwf von willebrand factor
zn zinc
zno zinc oxide
znox zinc oxide
znso4 zinc sulfate

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