Tesla cars have had their fair share of issues. There was a design flaw that caused the bumpers to fall off Tesla Model 3s. There was the Autopilot’s Full Self-Driving feature that mistook the moon for a yellow light slowing down the car at inappropriate times. And finally, there were all the issues encountered with the "Smart Summon" feature which gave the cars the ability to find their owners in parking lots. 

To be fair, Tesla is trialing out many futuristic never-before-seen features and capabilities so it is only natural that many of them would malfunction at first. It takes time and practice to get good at anything that is new and inexperienced.

Now, it seems like Tesla owners worldwide are experiencing a new issue. According to several Tweets, people are reporting not being able to connect their phone to their vehicle and not being able to start their cars.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk was informed of this issue by one of these unlucky people over Twitter and replied that he is checking in on it. The folk attempting to start their vehicle or connect it to their phones are receiving an unexplained "500 Internal Server Error."

This is of little help as it is a rather generic message that does not point to a particular fixable issue. In addition, according to the Tweets, it seems the problem is global, making matters even worse.

There has been some confusion as to why a server error would prevent cars from starting. Some have ventured a guess that the Tesla app could be pinging the company's servers if the owner is using their phone as a key. This would at least mean that only those using their phone as a key would experience a problem.

Unfortunately, Tesla does not have a press department to control the flow of information from the company, so we will continue to watch Musk's Twitter account closely in the hopes that he provides further reports.

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