Tracking Dogs Play an Active Role in Crime Prevention
Tracker Dogs Play an Effective Role in Crime Prevention

They are 'track-follower' dogs, the biggest assistant of the Gendarmerie in search and rescue activities. Thanks to their sensitive noses, they are chasing a tiny trail. Sometimes they track the missing person and sometimes the suspect. Tracker dogs take part in various operations thanks to their superior abilities.

Specialist Gendarmerie Sergeant Mehmet Vahit Bağlar underlined that track dogs are an effective factor that saves time and power in the activities carried out, and continued as follows: Thanks to their superior sense of smell, they are an effective element that saves time and power in the activities performed.

As per the scenario, teams are dispatched to the scene upon the report of loss and search and scanning activities are started with tracking dogs.

Tracker dog 'Taka' sweeps the land. Finally, he reaches the missing person thanks to a trace he finds. Successful completion of the task receives Taka reward.

They are undergoing special education

Dogs involved in search and rescue activities within the Hatay Provincial Gendarmerie Command undergo rigorous training.

Training of tracker dogs begins when they are puppies. Approximately 52 weeks are undergoing basic training. Then, they are subjected to 14 weeks of branch training. Dogs that have successfully completed their training are ready for the task.

Dog teams play an active role in ensuring security with their agility.

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