Cosmetic Surgery

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Cosmetic surgery can be used to correct a variety of conditions with your appearance. No matter if the causes are accident, injury, an existing condition, or simple displeasure cosmetic surgery can help. A Houston rhinoplasty doctor can help improve the overall condition of your nose. There are many ways cosmetic nose surgery can improve your overall quality of life.  

How Rhinoplasty Can Help You

  • Improve Your Confidence: a long-standing stereotype with nearly all forms of cosmetic surgery is that it is done for simple vanity. However, this is a reductive viewpoint and one that greatly understates the damage that physical imperfections can have on your self-confidence. Your nose is one of the most distinctive parts of your face and one that people often look at. If the shape and overall appearance of your nose are causing you to doubt your appearance, a rhinoplasty can help restore your self-confidence which can have a positive impact on your psychological wellbeing.  
  • Fix Breathing and Sinus Issues: nasal issues that cause breathing and sinus issues can be corrected with surgery. Breathing issues can be caused by injury or in some cases can be a condition you were born with. Sinus issues are a notable issue as they can negatively impact daily life, cause headaches, and lead to a variety of breathing issues. Corrective rhinoplasty can allow for easier breathing and correct issues with your sinuses.
  • Improve Sleep: snoring is often considered to be a minor annoyance and something that is not a real problem. However, severe snoring can disturb the sleep of your spouse and if you have prolonged snoring issues, your quality of sleep can suffer. Nose surgery can reduce your snoring symptoms which can lead to a quitter and sounder sleep. Being better rested has a positive impact on your physical and mental health. 
  • Correct Past Injuries: a broken nose is one of the most common types of injuries and, if you play certain sports is very difficult to avoid. Depending on your habits or sports hobbies breaking your nose several times is not unheard of. A broken nose doesn’t always heal correctly and this can lead to an unpleasing appearance, breathing issues, and even pain. Nasal cosmetic surgery can repair the issues that a broken nose (or accumulated breaks) can cause and improve your appearance and day-to-day life. 
  • Correct Existing Birth Defects: nose defects can include clefts, bumps, growth, and in some cases improper development or growth. Some nasal birth defects can be quite severe and cause physical issues and psychological distress. In cases such as this, rhinoplasty can greatly impact and improve your quality of life.
  • Fix a Past Surgery: if you have long-standing nasal issues you may have attempted past surgery to correct your condition. But not every surgery succeeds in achieving the results you wanted or needed. If the appearance was not to your liking or if your nasal issues continued, additional surgery may be needed to achieve the results you’re looking for.
  • Improved Career and Social Interaction: as noted, rhinoplasty can improve your overall confidence and self-image. This improved self-image can carry over to other areas of your life. In both personal relationships and your profession, confidence affects how you carry and present yourself, and improving this can lead to more successful outcomes.  

Final Thoughts

There are many situations where rhinoplasty is a proper solution to existing nose and nasal issues you may be living with. No matter your reasoning or the problems you need to be solved cosmetic surgery can provide many benefits. It is not something that should be written off as a nonmedical procedure. Cosmetic surgery can be as practical and solution-oriented as any other type of medical surgery and can improve your life. 

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