TB Prevention and Control Saskatchewan provides tuberculosis (TB) services to all people and communities in Saskatchewan.  

  • We work with public health partners to reduce the burden of TB in Saskatchewan. 
  • We identify, prevent, treat and provide follow-up for people with TB infection or TB disease. 
  • We support health providers in the early detection of people with TB disease.
  • We prescribe and dispense all anti-tuberculosis medicine in Saskatchewan. 
  • Directly observed therapy (DOT) is the standard of treatment for persons with TB disease. Those with TB infection often receive treatment by DOT. 
  • The program consists of doctors, nurses, TB workers, a pharmacy, support staff and management.

Our goals

We aim to: 

  • eliminate TB in the province through surveillance, detection, treatment and prevention
  • have a robust public health response to areas and populations disproportionately affected by TB
  • provide care based on principles of health equity, cultural safety and trauma informed practice
  • build strong partnerships through shared decision-making, respect and understanding

Our services

  • Expert TB clinical and contact investigation management
  • Preventive care for persons at risk of TB disease including immigrants and refugees
  • TB education and training
  • Collaboration with partner agencies including the Medical Health Officers Council of Saskatchewan, population and public health, First Nations health systems and correctional facilities
  • Coordination of care and services with all relevant providers including communicable disease teams, community health nurses, public health nurses, home care nurses, TB program workers and other DOT providers, local doctors and nurse practitioners
  • TB surveillance data monitoring and reporting

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