hangover prevention pill that claims to leave drinkers feeling fresh after a night out has gone on sale in the UK.

The Myrkl supplement, which costs £30 for a packet of 30 capsules, rapidly breaks down alcohol in the gut before it reaches the liver.

Two pills should be taken 30 minutes before drinking for maximum effect, according to Myrkl. The tablets continue to break down alcohol in the body for up to 12 hours.

Research conducted by the manufacturer along with Swedish pharmaceutical firm De Faire Medical and the Pfützner Science & Health Institute found that taking the tablets reduced alcohol concentration in the blood by half within 30 minutes of having a drink, rising to 70 per cent after an hour.

It will not be available in pharmacies but can be bought online on the Myrkl website.

Håkan Magnusson, CEO at Myrkl, said the supplement was a “game changing product” but stressed it would aid “moderate drinkers” rather than those looking to get drunk.

“Marking the first time in history that a consumer product is demonstrated to effectively and rapidly break down alcohol, we are very excited to be launching this ground-breaking product in the UK and in most European markets,” he said.

“Moderate social drinking is a huge part of British culture, with the majority of British people heading out each week to enjoy a few drinks together.”

TV GP Dr Dawn Harper said those who take the pill will still get “some absorption and some of that jolliness that you experience when drinking alcohol”.

But she added: “If you want to go out and get drunk, Myrkl would simply mean that it would take you a lot longer and cost you a lot more. Where I see Myrkl could be relevant is for the huge number of moderate drinkers in the UK.”

Hangovers are primarily caused by ethanol, which is broken down in the liver.

Ethanol works in the body as a diuretic and causes dehydration, leading to dizziness, headaches and thirst.

The Myrkl product contains special bacteria and amino acids which break down alcohol into water and carbon dioxide – meaning low amounts of ethanol are broken down in the liver.

Myrkl tablets also contain vitamin B12, which helps to boost energy levels.

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