Some people who have contracted COVID-19 need rehabilitation. One of its elements is breathing exercises. What should this breathing training look like? How often should you exercise? Karolina Goławska, a physiotherapist, told about it on Dzień Dobry TVN.

It is worth adding that not only patients who have undergone COVID-19 suffer from impaired breathing. Such problems can also be experienced by people who spend long hours in front of the computer while working remotely. – What they develop is shallow, ineffective breathing […] – said Karolina Goławska, a physiotherapist. Exercise can help restore normal breathing.

However, it must be remembered that exercise alone is not enough. – Patients must definitely remember that they just have to be active. Lots of walking. Choosing stairs instead of an elevator – said the specialist.

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– We lie on our back. […] The knees are slightly bent. We put one hand on the stomach, the other on the chest. Now we try to breathe in diaphragm, that is, we try to make the belly slightly rise with the inhalation. We push the belly forward. On the other hand, with the other hand, we control the position of the chest in such a way as not to raise the arms excessively – explained the specialist.

To make this exercise more difficult, you can take a book. – We put the book on our stomach and the hand on our chest, and similarly to what we did before, we only do the diaphragm resistance exercise. We overcome the weight of the book, pushing the belly forward. Breathe in with your nose, deep and breathe out with your mouth – said the physiotherapist.

What else is worth doing? How often should you exercise? You will find out about this in the rest of our conversation.

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