Harmonic Breathing (www.harmonicbreathing.com) offers pleasant breathing meditation music! With their guidance, users can breathe at a slow rate which will help enter their body at a relaxed state.

Meditation with music may seem more accessible than meditation in silence. This company provides many different benefits. Potential users can expect to sleep better at night after listening to breathing meditation music for only 15 minutes before going to bed. Listening to breathing music for 5 minutes can also greatly help lessen anxiety! The services offered by Harmonic Breathing can also be used simultaneously with other activities such as reading a book or stretching. Individuals who want to focus on the present moment and be more aware of their surroundings are highly recommended to listen to paced breathing meditation music.

Potential users can rest assured knowing that Harmonic Breathing provides meditation music with many different tracks to choose from, including nature sounds. Their tracks are all free and can be found on various music platforms aside from their websites, such as Spotify and Apple Music.

Harmonic Breathing also offers other features such as binaural beats. Music with binaural beats has two tones that the brain registers as slightly different frequencies. This company has theta binaural beats that have been proven to reduce anxiety. Users that want to listen to binaural beats are recommended to use headphones.

Potential users can also acquire infrasonic bass music. It has also been shown that low bass tones, played through a speaker vibrating on the body, can help people relax. Some people enjoy the extra sensation of the bass. The Woojer Strap in focus mode is the best option for this.

Harmonic Breathing has gained a loyal following of users with the company’s excellent services that have always been constant. One of their users, Dr Melanie Suettman, a Doctor of Clinical Psychology, even left a positive note saying: “This is a fantastic idea that will help everyone to actually do breathing exercises. Some people find it hard to keep doing breathing exercises, despite the many proven benefits. Harmonic Breathing makes it interesting, different, easier and even fun”!

For more information about the services they offer, interested parties can visit their website at www.harmonicbreathing.com/breathing-meditation-music.

About Harmonic Breathing

Harmonic Breathing is a music project dedicated to assisting users in relaxing and focusing through simple and pleasant breathing meditation music. According to cutting-edge scientific research, with rising and falling tones, the music leads listeners to breathe at the ideal rate for relaxation. Infrasonic bass and soothing natural sounds add to the experience. The various tracks they offer combine binaural beats, infrasonic bass, and relaxing environmental sounds, providing potential users with a more captivating experience. For enquiries, you may fill out their contact form at www.harmonicbreathing.com/about. You may also talk to one of their staff by dialling +44 131 358 9775.

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