So I have this T for about 4 months. I like her, we do get along, she settles much more boundaries than my previous one but I think that's better for me as I was ghosted by this last one (we've worked for 7 years and suddenly she ghosted me).
But she does these breathing exercises, asks me what I feel, what colours I feel in my body etc., and gives me homework around it. She focuses a lot on body feelings I guess? Which is not very talked about in society so for me is really hard to talk about my bodies perceptions.
At first, I thought I needed those and with time and patience I would stick to them naturally, since I was looking for a therapist to treat my fear of having more panic attacks after I had m first. So yeah, breathing exercises, body and mindfullness link with that problem.
The thing is, I can't adapt to those, I still hate doing that. I am used to just enter session and talk, I feel like I have some traumas to recover from, and I am hoping to discover new perspectives I never thought of, whether about my past or other things. I really like learning.
With this therapist, things have been going well and I see some improvements. But the mindfullness and breathing thing still annoy me.
What can I do to stick to these without reluctance? Any advice?
Should I talk to her about prefering the healing process through talk and new insights?
Does this make sense? I am not a T, I am not a psychology expert and maybe I am looking for things that don't help with my situatuion. Maybe I would stick more to mindfullness if I was aware of the process?
Thanks for those who took their time to read me, appreciate it!
TL;DR: I don't know what should I look for in therapy, I don't sympathize the approaches she uses? Does this method treat trauma issues? Should I talk to her about a new approach for me?

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