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Life is stressful and in this coronavirus pandemic situation it has become much stressful and lots of people are suffering from stress and anxiety. Along with this coronavirus problem, hectic work schedule as well as heavy workload, family responsibilities, personal goals, etc. are leading to mental problems. You need to tackle this problem of stress and anxiety in this second wave of coronavirus and here we look at steps to overcome this stress and anxiety.

Regular exercise is good for your health and it gives you lots of energy. Regular exercise work will help you to overcome stress and anxiety in this second wave of coronavirus.

Caffeine may trigger nervousness and if you are endearing anxiety, then caffeine is to be avoided at any cost. Even in some people eliminating caffeine may reduce anxiety.

In this pandemic situation of the second wave of coronavirus, your eating pattern is very important for controlling anxiety and stress.

Normally we breathe fast in anxiety and stressful situation. Deep breathing exercises, such as all kinds of pranayama will restore normal breathing practice and reduce anxiety and stress.

Though there are restrictions, if you go for a walk-in a pleasant atmosphere, your mind will be cool and calm, which subsequently reduces stress and anxiety.

Those were few things you should do to cope up with stress and anxiety in this coronavirus situation.

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