Carthage, August 2023 The Carthaginians now have a hyperbaric chamber to treat their ailments. With a $400,000 investment, the Carthaginian family is adding another venture to the seven it already had. Thus, these visionary brothers Francisco, Jonathan and Leonardo Valverde Rivera, and their mother, Rosa Elena Rivera, put their company at the service of the health of their neighbors.

What is a hyperbaric chamber? This technology is used for carry oxygen to all our tissues thereby improving blood circulation. This technology helps with multiple disorders due to its ability to oxygenate, making it an excellent ally of regenerative medicine.

The hyperbaric chamber is part of the equipment that Clínica Rivera provides to patients whose doors opened in August 2023. “We chose the center of Cartago to host our clinic because we know that this population faces serious health problems and pain, disease. suffering cannot wait, we want to present hope for the relief of many people,” said Francisco Valverde, one of the three brothers who own the medical center.

The list of pathologies that can be treated with this technology is very long, including: fibromyalgia, migraine, chronic fatigue, arthritis, venous ulcers, diabetic foot, Parkinson’s disease, bone necrosis, postoperative rehabilitation and many more.

“The hyperbaric chamber is also very useful in sports medicine, sports injuries and recovery, which is why we have signed an agreement with Club Sport Cartaginés and will take care of their players so that they are in the best health condition and they can give the best performance on the field,” added Valverde Rivera.

Camera treatments are shown in sessions or individually, and if a patient purchases a multi-session package, they will have significant savings; the duration of the session is usually 60 minutes, and in acute patients, sessions lasting 90 minutes are carried out up to two times a day.

beauty and health

The clinic also offers the Binary treatment, an innovative aesthetic method for restoring damaged tissue and muscle tone in a single procedure. This is possible thanks to the combination of resistive diathermy, capacitive diathermy and electrical stimulation, a method that promotes skin rejuvenation, firming and shaping, since diathermy affects the collagen and elastin in the skin, the proteins responsible for our skin look well-groomed and radiant. .

With this system, you can treat skin aging, wrinkles and flabbiness, signs of fatigue, double chin, bags under the eyes, cellulite, stretch marks, acne scars, contractures and muscle tension.

The Rivera Aesthetic Clinic and Spa is waiting for the Carthaginians and the rest of the population to renew their mind, body and soul. It is located at 100 Bailey Square east of Bailey Bridge, Cartago.

It is part of one of the eight businesses of the Carthaginian family, which believes in creating business units to serve the thousands of people living in the Old Metropolis.

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