Recovery and the patient’s quality of life often go through an important stage: physical therapy. In the Municipal Health Network, teams of physical therapists from Primary Health Care (PHC) work in a humane manner with patients. The work of 42 specialists consists of prevention of deformities and complications, rehabilitation as well as guidance of patients and their families.

The service is implemented in all Basic Health Units (UBS), Basic Family Health Units (UBSF) and specialized services such as life centerSpecialized Rehabilitation Center, Sal da Terra Mission Specialist Center, among others.

The maid at the Municipal Health Network Primary Care Center, Marcela Furtado, stresses that the work developed by the physical therapists includes reception, assessment, risk stratification and rehabilitation, which can be done individually or in groups for chronic conditions, depending on the care developed plan for the patient. “In addition, physical therapists conduct home visits, advising bedridden patients and their families on movement and breathing exercises, bed positioning and changes in supination (postures) that can be made,” the responsible professional explained.

According to the municipal health network server, most patients examined in physical therapy in the municipal network have diagnoses such as fibromyalgia, chronic musculoskeletal pain or post-Covid sequelae. “Physical therapy efficiently provides better functionality and a better quality of life for patients. Specific exercises, stretching exercises, posture guidance, and breathing exercises are performed to rehabilitate the patient, promote greater functionality, physical conditioning, and train for activities of daily living, relieving pain and discomfort due to these ailments. Since most of the sessions are conducted in groups, it also leads to the encouragement of interpersonal relationships and increased socialization, which leads to well-being”, explained the professional.

quality of life

Maria das Gracas, 63, who attended UBSF in São Jorge, suffers from fibromyalgia, and physical therapy has brought benefits in her daily life. I suffer from pain from fibromyalgia, especially in the spine and arms. Before, I couldn’t do household chores like sweeping or washing, and with the physiotherapy sessions I do, my body reacts well, the pain has subsided and today I can take care of my house. Maria stressed that the professionals are very affectionate and care about us.

For Joselita Lima, 48, who is also a patient at UBSF São Jorge, physical therapy sessions are synonymous with rest. “I am a public service assistant, and because of the job, I have pain in my knee, arm and spine due to a herniated disc. I started the treatment recently and after a few sessions I feel much better. I was not expecting this result. I was already losing my hand movements, and now it has developed very quickly. Here, my specialists The physiotherapists are excellent and welcome us very well,” Joseletta noted.

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