IMSS rehabilitation COVID-19
The Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) offers rehabilitation to patients with sequelae COVID-19. Photo: Reuters.

Respiratory, neurological, musculoskeletal, cardiac, renal and digestive problems are some of the identifiable consequences of the coronavirus (COVID-19), so the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) offers programs of rehabilitation.

In a press release, the IMSS explained that some symptoms sequelae of COVID-19 they are “shortness of breath, joint pain, palpitations, fatigue and tiredness that limit physical activity”; called rights holders to request rehabilitation in the corresponding clinics.

Aftermath COVID-19

  • The IMSS It is advisable to know the state of health after the infection
  • Asymptomatic patients had the disease without setbacks or sequelae

Pedro de Jesús García Molina, from the Therapies and Rehabilitation 21st century of IMSSsaid that it is necessary to evaluate people who were infected with the COVID-19to find out who can continue with normal physical activity and who needs these services.

“Cases COVID-19 moderate, severe or critical present more problems to perform high-impact physical exercise. require multidisciplinary management rehabilitation: cardiologists, pulmonologists and others, in order to determine what activity to carry out. A slight intensity would not generate problems”.


IMSS offers rehabilitation

  • Persistent sequelae could send the patient to various specialists
  • Pulmonary, cardiovascular, neurological or musculoskeletal, among others

A rehabilitation integral in the IMSS should be diagnosed by family physicians, who will channel other experts, to determine if there is multisystemic disease due to COVID-19: “in many cases, sequelae of the disease are not known immediately”.

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