Gadar 2 Vs OMG 2 Box Office Collection Day 18: Sunny Deol starrer film ‘Gadar 2’ and Akshay Kumar’s film ‘OMG 2’ were released simultaneously in theaters on August 11 and both films have performed brilliantly at the box office. However, ‘Gadar 2’ has created so much fire at the box office as compared to ‘OMG 2’ that this film is now just a few steps away from touching the figure of 500 crores. On the other hand, ‘OMG 2’ is struggling to join the club of 150 crores. Let’s know here how many crores ‘OMG 2’ and ‘Gadar 2’ have done business on the 18th day of release?

Mutiny 2′ How much has it earned on the 18th day of its release?
Sunny Deol’s ‘Gadar 2’ is ruling the box office. This film has received a lot of love from the audience and even after 18 days of its release, the craze for this film is not coming off the heads of the people. While ‘Gadar 2’ collected Rs 284.63 crore in the first week, the film earned Rs 134.37 crore in the second week. At the same time, now the film has entered the third week, with this the initial figures of the third Monday i.e. 18th day of the release of ‘Gadar 2’ have also come.

  • According to the early trend report of SacNilk, ‘Gadar 2’ has collected Rs 4.50 crore on the 18th day of its release i.e. on the third Monday.
  • With this, the total earnings of ‘Gadar 2’ for 18 days has now gone up to Rs 460.55 crore.

‘OMG 2’ How much has it earned on the 18th day of its release?
Akshay Kumar and Pankaj Tripathi starrer satirical comedy drama ‘OMG 2’ is braving the storm of ‘Gadar 2’ from day one. The content of this film was quite controversial and it was released with ‘A’ certificate. Despite this, this film has also earned well at the box office. ‘OMG 2’ earned Rs 85.05 crore in its first week and Rs 41.37 crore in its second week. At the same time, the initial figures of the 18th day of the film’s release have also come.

  • According to the report of Saknilk, on the third Monday i.e. on the 18th day of release, ‘OMG 2’ has earned Rs 1.20 crore.
  • With this, the total collection of ‘OMG 2’ now stands at Rs 137.12 crore.

‘Dream Girl 2’ affected the earnings of ‘Gadar 2’- ‘OMG 2’
Ayushmann Khurrana starrer film ‘Dream Girl 2’ was released in theaters on 25 August. ‘Dream Girl 2’ is also earning well at the box office from day one. The film has made a good collection on the weekend as well. In such a situation, the audience has also been divided due to the release of ‘Dream Girl 2’ and due to this the earnings of ‘Gadar 2’-‘OMG 2’ have also been affected. Although ‘Gadar 2’ is still ruling the box office and is at the forefront of earning. Now it will be interesting to see how many crores these three films collect at the box office.

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