Apple has unveiled this afternoon the improvements it has added to the new update of its operating system for watches, WatchOS 8.

Software Introductions Day Today at Apple’s WWDC 2021. We have already narrated the news of iOS 15, iPadOS 15 and MacOS Monterey, and now we go with what’s new in watchOS 8.

Unsurprisingly, Apple has insisted on health functions and stress reduction, and added major improvements to the Photos app, which can now be used in the Portrait Mode of the spheres or faces of the Apple Watch.

They are also released new apps, and integrates with the Apple Watch in the search for devices. Let’s see it in detail.

One of the fundamental pillars of Apple in recent years is health, very present in this update. But this year the focus has been on reduce stress and anxiety with new apps.

The Breathe app changes its name to Mindfulness, and proposes concentration exercises to achieve mindfulness. There is also a breathing function that tells you how to breathe when you are nervous, guiding you through the process.

The new feature Breathing frequency measures your breathing rate while you sleep, alerts you when it notices something strange, and sends reports to the iPhone:

In the biometric records section, now the Apple Watch is able to measure the stability while you walk by measuring the length of the steps, and the rhythm.

The app of Fitness launches new filters to find more specific content, and the Picture in Picture function to continue watching videos on your mobile, while doing other things. There is also new Pilates and Tai Chi exercises.

With the new function Concentration Notifications from different sources are blocked, depending on whether you are working, studying, driving, etc.

Apple Watch Series 6 is the latest version of Apple’s smart watch. It comes with a blood oxygen monitor, a new processor based on the A13 of the iPhone 11 and new colors.

Another of the important improvements of WatchOS 8, is in the Photos app. A new interface makes it easier to navigate the gallery, and zoom by turning the crown (button) of the watch. In addition you can get photos of the Memories (Memories), and use our own photos as a sphere via the new Portraits sphere:

The new compatibility with Air Tag allows add Apple Watch to the lost device location network.

The app Wallet launches the support of ultra wide band, to use the car keys at a greater distance. You can add the ID of the car, house, hotel, or any other digital key, and open the door simply by bringing the Apple Watch closer. The driver’s license and ID may also be included, but for now only in the United States.

The app Home better integrates with Homekit, and introduces new features. You can adjust environments on specific devices, or see the surveillance camera on the watch, or send a voice message to the whole house from the wrist.

HomePod mini is the latest version of Apple’s smart speaker, with a compact design that houses a powerful sound system, S5 processor and compatibility with the Siri voice assistant for total control of home devices.

Finally, there are important news in the Messages app. Users can combine Handwriting, dictation, and emoji in the same message. And it’s easier to share music, songs, and other content.

WatchOS 8 also brings the Contacts app to the Apple Watch and offers an easy way to find, add and edit contacts, and to share them directly from the app.

In addition, many more apps now take advantage of the new always-on function of the clock screen.

The developer version is available from today. The public beta will come out in July, and the final version can be installed on all Apple Watch in the fall.

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