In the penultimate month of the year, the anxiety and stress They are already part of your day to day, that is why we recommend you to do a meditation practice that consists of controlling your breathing and making gentle movements.

The practice was calledto Qi gong or Chi Kung It is a method that combines gentle movements of the body, mental concentration and breathing, to increase the vital energy of the human being or Chi. Those who try to do it must relax, free their mind and body so that once they are successful, the channels will open for the vital energy to circulate and flow freely.

The Qi gong It requires a lot of effort and patience to do it, anyone of different ages can practice it. The benefits that they achieve once they obtain the chi are several: control your mind by calming it and improving concentration with what is recommended, eliminating anxiety and stress.

In Mendoza there are several centers that carry out these activities.

These exercises are totally different from Tai Chi which consists of a series of slow or very fast movements to move the ‘chi’ (energy) of the body. Instead, Qi Gong or Chi Kung these are practiced in series or randomly and are easier to learn.

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Qi gong has several benefits.

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