It’s a busy week with parents and kids adjusting to back-to-school life. For many this year it’s a little different. Several kids throughout the country have been learning remotely due to COVID and they are finally making the return to school. A return to normal is not quite normal just yet. Entering classrooms full of kids, some wearing masks, some not, can be a stressful experience. Especially if you have been avoiding larger groups. Add on top of that the separation anxiety that some kids will face, and you have a very stressful situation. And we have not even mentioned the stress from school in general like quizzes, tests, friends etc...  So, what can we do as parents to help?

We brought back our friend Dr. Tracy Alloway. She provided several useful tips and what to watch for. The major takeaway is communication. Be sure to phrase things in a way that will not startle your children. Another key is looking out for abnormal behavior that deviates from your child’s normal personality. Dr. Alloway also provided simple breathing techniques to practice that will help to calm your child down and focus.

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