Engineers have created a little Handheld Inhaler-like device to help people breathe properly during an anxiety attack.

The device, created by Dendro Technologies, resembles an asthma Handheld Inhaler but it is fitted with battery-powered hardware that is calibrated to enforce regular breathing patterns in an individual.

The user needs to breathe into the device and keep breathing until the device displays a succession of green lights. 

The person suffering from the attack is instructed to breathe in from the nose and breathe out of the mouth with the passage of air from the mouth is registered by the sensor that denotes the correct pace for breathing and illuminates the three LEDs on top.

35 patients in New York were treated with panic disorders with the device.

They tested out this handy little device in a trial at Lenox Hill Hospital, Furthermore, this device was tested at the Lenox hill hospital

Researchers said in a statement, “There are limited options in the management of anxiety and panic attack symptoms. We hypothesize that it will provide a drug-free, early intervention, and long-term treatment option that will improve patients’ anxiety and panic attack symptoms.”

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