Negative feelings are anger, envy, anxiety, stress, etc. Basically one can understand negative feelings as something which stops you from being happy within. It is very common to have such feelings and most of us feel it in life. The more managed you are, the less or the easier you will overcome such feelings. So, how we can manage it or be at a position where we can overcome such feelings.

We need to do few things when we feel negative feelings –


When you are angry


Anger is the most dangerous and negative feeling because it also affects our body, mind and soul. When you are angry you can feel your heartbeats. Many people feel like they can’t breathe.

So what can one do during such a situation?

The first thing we should do is become silent and focus over the breathing. Try to calm your breathing pattern.

When you feel relaxed up to some extent, then go and do some exercise or dance or do some kind of physical activities which makes you happy. It could also be a walk.


When you are anxious or stressed


Anxiety, stress, depression and various other negative feelings are interconnected with each other. So, one needs to understand that if you are trying to overcome any of the feelings then you are taking a step towards your success.

One can simply focus on breathing which is a kind of meditation and can also go for a walk.


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