Heart palpitations, sweaty palms or a strong feeling of detachment from the present; however your body reacts to a stressful situation-the need of a proper teen treatment cannot be denied. Teenagers are more than ever being diagnosed with generalised anxiety disorder nowadays. And the pandemic has added to the anxiety and depression even more. Therefore, looking for ways to cope with it and not let it take over your daily routine, is very important. 

Everybody’s mind and body react differently to anxiety. Some of us might have realised our trigger points while many don’t even know what triggers them. However, the very first step to manage and cope with generalised anxiety disorder is to take some time and reflect on why your body reacts this way and to which situations. 

Strategies to Cope with Anxiety 

If anxiety is ruining your daily life and is making it hard for you to focus and get along in life, then here are some ways to cope up with it. The first step is to accept that you have anxiety and not think of it as a negative life element. We all feel anxious; the levels just vary for everyone.

Once you accept it that your anxiety is slightly different, it is time to take

some steps. 

    1. Think about your Thought Pattern:

Negative thinking is a pattern and keeps repeating itself, if not stopped. Thus, you need to find what triggers your negative thinking and find the root cause of it. This will challenge your negative pattern and question it, eventually leading to breaking it. This won’t happen abruptly. Take your time to see what your thought pattern is, so that it can be broken.

    2. Practice Deep Breathing:

Deep breathing is a type of meditation. Focused deep breathing helps you recollect your thoughts and break the pattern of anxiety. Breath in for 4 counts and breath out for 4 counts. Do it daily for at least 5 minutes. You can start with 2 minutes and then increase the time gradually. It really helps you calm down and stabilises your heartbeat as well. 

    3. Yoga:

Yoga is a great form of edmitation, used for beating anxiety and stress amazingly. If done accurately, it helps in breaking the pattern of negative thoughts and anxiety. With yoga, your entire focus is on your body and not on your mind; which brings relief from anxiety. 

    4. Write it down:

Writing is another great way to cope with anxiety. When you write down whatever is making you anxious, you are able to get it out of your head. This tip works really well for people who worry about almost every other thing. Simply write it down and you can also write possible solutions for it ahead, to calm down your senses. 

These are definitely good coping strategies for managing anxiety on a daily basis or once in a blue moon. But it is important to look for long term strategies as well. Head out for therapy if you are finding it hard to manage and beat anxiety on your own. If you think that you are unable to manage it, you can also ask a doctor for medication or supplements. 

Lastly , make sure that you keep a good diet and pay attention to your nutrition as well. As a healthy stomach generates a healthy mind. If you don’t eat healthy, you won’t feel well either. 

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