Sound Therapy for a Stress-Filled World    

I received a file in my inbox called How to Live Stress-Free in a Stress–Filled World. The article was written by Lily Whitehawk, a wellness coach and sound therapist. She writes about living Stress-Free by providing background information on the: physiology of the “Fight or Flight” stage of stress; the role of the Sympathetic Nervous System and how it affects our bodies physiology; the importance of the Parasympathetic Nervous System to counteract our stress reactions and symptoms. I have written about this in many of my previous columns. She rightly points out that we can absolutely change how we respond to stress and return to Health, Happiness, and Hope. A key point she makes is that we are not always able to choose what happens to us. We can, however, always have a choice in how we respond. 

Strategies she discusses include Diaphragmatic Breathing; Alternate Nostril Breathing; Movement and Exercise; Disconnecting from the media’s never-ending stream of information and misinformation. Her focus is on the Power of Human Sound. Her company, HUSO is based on sounds that provide deep relaxing initial sound programs that provide: Calm, Grounding, and Relaxing sounds that are pleasing and calming to the body. They dive deep into the Parasympathetic Nervous System where the effects of stress begin the healing process. She incorporates sounds like bird songs; wind through trees; a stream flowing over rocks; ocean waves; the patter of rain. These are all digitally reproduced. Tibetan monks chanting, crystal bowls, stringed instruments, flutes, and drums are used for sacred listening.

There is a digital screen that shows each of the 10 programs with a timer. You can set tones softly or loud. Programs include Calm, to deeply relax the mind; Comfort, to wash away worry; Expand, to open the mind; Focus, to solve problems; Ground, to anchor the body; Relax, to relieve stress and anxiety; Relief, for pain; Serenity, to quiet the mind; Release, to resolve old issues.

Whitehawk suggests picking one program that you especially like and focus on the sound. She encourages using it every day for awhile breathing in and out for three 10-minute sessions. I found the sounds of Calm, Relax and, Serenity the most soothing. There are, however, four wires with electrodes that need to be attached to the wrists and feet and they can be unwieldy putting them on. The device is expensive at around $400. A cheaper version I prefer is relaxation CD’S or listening devices that are relatively inexpensive and easier to use. You can checkout HUSO at and 808-451- 1215.

I have one criticism of the title and philosophy of Living  Stress-Free because I believe and the research supports that you can never be stress–free unless you are dead, in a coma, (and causing stress for your family and friends) or you are lying.

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